The City Health Office (CHO) reminded business establishment owners to require their employees to renew their health cards.

CHO head Josephine Villafuerte said that establishments which will be caught having employees without health cards will be held liable under Ordinance No. 07. or the Environmental Health and Sanitation Ordinance of Davao City.

“This is to comply with the requirements of our city ordinance no. 07. The companies should put this as one of their requirements for applicants seeking a position in their company,” Villafuerte said.

Employers caught violating will be fined P200 per worker for the entire year. However, repeat violators face the possibility of being blocked for renewal upon the request of the CHO.

The health card renewal is currently ongoing at Felcris Centrale.

Villafuerte said health card renewal applications will be processed year-round. CIO